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The purpose of Let’s WP is to help the WordPress community with valuable information. In this blog, WordPress specialists share their many years of experience to make the magical, sometimes tricky world of web development more accessible to you.

Shorten your way, learn more about the methods and get practical tools for your work, even for free. We don’t tell you what to do, but how we do WordPress.

When we launched in web development as the Granth team, we had little experience and many unknowns. So we know what it is like to be at the beginning of the journey.

On Let’s WP, we use these categories

  • Tutorials Detailed tutorials explaining services or product features
  • Technology Presentation of modern technologies and solutions
  • Snippets Bits of code to avoid using resource-heavy plugins
  • Development Case studies from plugin development
  • Tips & Tricks Clever techniques you can make use of, every day
  • Reviews Honest plugin and product reviews to aid decision-making
  • Freebies Free downloadable resources
  • Miscellaneous Beyond the code, off-topic articles

We self-taught our WordPress programming knowledge, so the articles on the Let’s WP site also follow this approach. We aim to pass the information in an easy to understand way. We often expand a topic more extensively for a deeper understanding of techniques, instead of posthaste, superficial information.

Difficulty levels

We categorize educational articles into three levels according to the degree of difficulty. These are:

Remember, the Advanced and Beginner levels are distinguished by the fact that the former struggled through trial & error until the results came. So, be persistent. If you have any difficulties, never give up!

Go, Let’s WP!

This site is powered by Elementor

  • This site is powered by Elementor

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