Let’s Go Icon Set – Vol.8

Let’s Go Icon Set – Vol.8

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Let's Go Icon Set

Customize the stroke thickness

Change the color and thickness of the line or scale the symbols however you like.

Alert icon

This 25 simple Line Icon Set is the eighth part of a larger package that is free to use for commercial or private purposes. Because of their uncomplicated, style-independent form, you can use these icons in a variety of areas. The files are available in a professional vector format.

Where are you using this Set? Tell us in the comments below or on the contact page! 😉

Let’s Go!

List of Icons in the Set

indent-increase, indent-decrease, paperclip, link-on, link-off, layout, content, check-square, check-circle, document, alert-triangle, alert-circle, alert-hexagon, info-square, info-circle, lightbulb-circle, flag-circle, video-tutorial, play, line-styles, scroll-horizontal, scroll-vertical, undo, redo, tool

Download ZIP file contains

  • 25 editable (non-expanded) line icons – SVG vector format

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  • This site is powered by Elementor

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